As originally published on a now-deleted Facebook page on December 31, 2014

Two separate streams of unfettered consciousness converged within hours of each other this May.

On one hand, the culmination of four years of an overly ambitious, high-achieving student, fresh off a semester of straight A’s that barely vaulted…

As originally published 12/31/15 on a now-deleted Facebook page

I usually take play count into heavy consideration when determining my favorite albums of the year. If I listened to something 500 times, I probably liked it more than something I listened to 20 times, right? Right. …

As published on a now-deleted Facebook page on 12/31/16

Everyone I know is getting an Amazon Echo, and I don’t like it.

My parents were first. Then the CEO of my company. Now my roommate has one. Amazon reportedly sold millions this month. I don’t like it.

There’s something unsettling…

As originally published 12/31/17 on a now-deleted Facebook page

I locked myself in an Austin loft for 36 hours to finish this project. My only connection with the outside world was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, email, text messages, phone calls, and the six times I unlocked myself to meet…

Music doesn’t feel exciting anymore. It’s passive consumption in an era of participation.We can sing along and dance (if we want to), but we’re not actually involved. Curation is generally the closest a music fan gets to contributing.

Conversely, Netflix recently released an interactive choose-your-own-adventure “movie” version of Black Mirror…


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