• George Phillips

    George Phillips

  • Jakob Leaderbrand

    Jakob Leaderbrand

  • Rach Wilhelm

    Rach Wilhelm

    Entrepreneur |Teach For America, Mississippi | Southwestern Book Kid Alumni | UNM ‘12

  • Ryan Crowe

    Ryan Crowe

    Social Media Communications at Stripe. Co-founder, writer @shortboxed. @automatic @twilio #stlcards #socialmedia #contentstrategy #cro #ux #pr

  • Shannah Hayley

    Shannah Hayley

    I'm a communicator & cross-culture explorer, trying to balance family, fun & faith. Proud to advocate for my city, #Plano. Tweets are my own.

  • Justin Zhao

    Justin Zhao

    NLP. Deep Learning. Music. Puzzles. Food. Dogs.

  • Giulia Hall

    Giulia Hall

  • Sahil Khetpal

    Sahil Khetpal

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